Your Portrait Session

Sessions with Pitter Patter Portraits are casual, relaxed and heart-warming, but most of all fun!  There will be twinkling eyes and belly laughs.  Contentment and sleepy smiles.  Chubby cheeks begging to be kissed.  Stolen glances between couples as they burst with love and adoration for their new baby.  A woman deep in thought as she warmly caresses the belly of her unborn child.   All of this and more will be captured and transformed into magical memories for you to look back at over the years.  Sessions will usually last between one and two hours, with newborn sessions lasting slightly longerCome and enjoy our warm and inviting home studio with state of the art equipment and lighting.  We provide everything you need.

Newborn Sessions

When to Book

Babies do not run on schedule and will make their grand arrival in their own time.  When booking your session we will tentatively schedule it around your due date, and then finalise the best day and time once you deliver.   Newborn sessions are best done in the first 14 days of life (preferably the first 10) as your baby is much more sleepy and relaxed and able to be moved into those adorable squishy newborn positions.

What to Expect

Sessions are all about your beautiful bundle, but they are also an experience for you to enjoy and cherish.   We provide a relaxed environment whereby you can comfortably watch your gorgeous baby in the safest of hands.  During the photo shoot, your job as parents is to simply love and adore your baby and let us do the rest.  A newborn session may last 2-3 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding, snuggling, nappy changes and finding the perfect pose.  Your baby may sleep through the whole thing and be none the wiser to the beautiful memories they are creating.


Maternity Sessions

Having a baby is without question one of the most magical times in a woman’s life.  A pregnant woman’s body is beautiful and unique and Ellie will transform your gorgeous glow into a timeless  memory that you can treasure always.  Sessions are intimate, discreet and relaxing. Natural expressions, emotions and movements are captured to accentuate this special time.

 What to Wear

Your photos should not be about what you are wearing.  They should complement, but not dominate, blend but not distract.  Dress comfortably.  The session should be relaxing and enjoyable.  Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Avoid dressing your family in the same colours/outfits (think coordinating but not matching);
  • Avoid clothes with loud and colourful slogans, patterns or brand names;
  • Good colours, textures and accessories are key;
  • For newborns/babies we have a collection of beautiful wraps, earthy blankets and rugs.  Although she also has a variety of hats and headbands, feel free to bring anything you may like to add that extra special touch to your photos.

If you would like help on how to style yourselves or you children for your session, please ask our advice.  We are happy to offer suggestions.